Friday, June 5, 2009

Jualan Langsung - IV

Greetings beautiful people,

You can start to pre-order the following now:-

1. Fucked Up - Hidden World CD (3 units available)
2. Paint It Black - New Lexicon CD (3 units available)
3. These Arms Are Snakes - Easter CD (3 units available)
4. Avail - Over The James CD (3 units available)
5. Avail - 4am Friday CD (3 units available)
6. Avail - Dixie CD (3 units available)
7. Strike Anywhere - To Live in Discontent CD (3 units available)
8. Strike Anywhere - Exit English CD (3 units available)
9. Denali - The Instinct CD (3 units available)
10. From Ashes Rise - Nightmares CD (3 units available)

Gosh. Finally they are here. All are awesome releases from Jade Tree Records. Expected arrival before 29th June 2009.

1. Young Widows/My Disco - split 7″ (3 units available)
2. Young Widows/Pelican - split 7″ (3 units available)
3. Young Widows/Melt Banana - split 7″ (3 units still available)
4. Mono - Hymn To The Immortal Wind 2xLP (2 units still available)
5. Envy/Thursday - split LP w/free CD (2 units still available)

Due to overwhelm response, we are bringing in Temporary Residence releases yet again! Expect more stuff later. But this batch of stuff will most likely be available by 29th June 2009 too.

Please reply to this post or text messages me to pre-order. No. of units available will be updated here every time I have time to update.

I still carry few final copies of Goblog with me. Those who are interested to grab ‘em, please get in touch!

I’m also carrying this brilliant pocket-size poetry book titled “Akulah Perempuan Muda Itu” (loosely translated as I Am That Young Lady) written by the young and talented Ms Shaira Amira. RM15 each. Grab them now!

Till then.


aizattarmizi said...

salam, goblog masih ada lagi? saya mahu beli satu.
016 289 1970

dean said...

yup. masih available. biasa di jual di gig sekitar kl. atau kamu blh kontek aku di no hp/email yg tertera di bawah. thanks.