Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mundane Monday Project: Disclaimer

Heck, I'd been planning to do this for ages! MMP was supposed to be a stand alone web (blog to be more accurate)- based project where myself and/or any other volunteer will do interview s(nothing too lenghtly i suppose) with creative people; be it they are in a band, an artists, painters, actor, director, writer, organiser, blablabla and the list goes on. The idea was that me wanted to get their perspective on things of their interest and how's that translated into action. It's about doing things that you love.

Some interviews were conducted few months back and only now I'm putting it up here. In the following weeks, more interviews will be put up in here. Some has/will be made available on print in some other media (e.g. Innerview zine and all).

I welcome any volunteers and contribution. You, creative people out there who think you should be heard, please write and we'll plan for an interview. It can be either through (e) mail, phone, face to face and/or any other medium you are comfortable with.



who's the angel said...

100% agree!
letting someone we love go are most painful thing in life.
*don't just sitting on your butt and watch her go! love her and make her happy with you..

dean said...

thanks but i suppose you don't get what i meant.

i may have not tried that hard, but i wasn't just sitting on my butt. for me, the feeling must be mutual.

love should be simple. if both are in love with one another, why should we complicate things?