Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saya Rasa Saya Jumpa Faridah Merican dan Joe Hasham di Konsert Semalam

Kerja gila!

Never in my life I could imagine myself attending a chamber concert. But heck, it happened! What make it even more grandeur, I went to the concert at the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra Hall somemore.

I had good time anyway, though toward the end it was spoil by the purging stomach.

There would be complaint where some of the performer lack of uniformity (dressing, facial expression, etc), but I suppose that's the whole idea; to present a very laid back evening treat for those who dig classical, jazzy, chamber performances. Still, even me who has never been a fan or have any clue about it, was entertained! Bravah!

Hurm...there's more to write but hell, am having a dinner function in about two (2) hour time. Kena get ready. Hope all will goes well. Jeng...jeng...jeng...

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