Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jualan Langsung - I

Berita baik mungkin!

MONO - Hymn to the Immortal Wind DOUBLE LP
- Just in time for their 10-year anniversary, MONO return with their fifth studio album, the absolutely massive Hymn To The Immortal Wind. The music is naturally majestic, with MONO's trademark wall of noise crashing beautifully against the largest chamber orchestra the band has ever enlisted. The instrumentation is vast, incorporating strings, flutes, organ, piano, glockenspiel and tympani into their standard face-melting set-up. While Hymn continues to mine the cinematic drama inherent in all of MONO's music, the dynamic shifts now come more from dark-to-light instead of quiet-to-loud. The maturity to balance these elements so masterfully has become MONO's strongest virtue - save for perhaps their uncanny ability to sound every bit like a plane crashing into a Beethoven concert.

ENVY/THURSDAY split LP+CD (one package)
- More than two years after Thursday first put the idea in our heads, TRL is proud to finally bring together two influential bands from two very different places. Recorded in Spring 2008, both bands turn in some of their most inspired work yet. In addition, Thursday invited Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev to remix the dark instrumental "In Silence" into the pitch-black closing track, "Appeared And Was Gone," providing the perfect transition into the massive dynamics of Envy. Beginning with the subtle electronics of the symphonic opener, "An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction," Envy thrashes and burns through a trio of thoughtful face-melters. Pressed on audiophile-quality 180 gram vinyl and featuring original artwork by acclaimed poster artist, Dan Grzeca, this deluxe set includes a free copy of the CD format beautifully incorporated into the exquisite package design.

Kedua-dua item adalah rilisan Temporary Residence Limited, sebuah label tersohor dari Amerika Syarikat bagi peminat genre post rock .

Harga jualan adalah RM100 bagi setiap item. Maaf, tidak termasuk kos penghantaran. Kuantiti terhad, oleh itu anda di sarankan untuk reserve terlebih dahulu. Stok di jangka sampai di penghujung Mei atau selewat-lewatnya awal Juni.

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Album MONO dalam format piring hitam dan Envy/Thursday juga format yang sama tetapi turut disertakan cakera padat percuma untuk memberi impak yang lebih umphh.